The last two weeks have been gut-wrenching for investors.  The major indices have just experienced their quickest move from all time highs to a 10% correction in history.  Such abrupt, massive moves can certainly take our breath away, and it is important to remind ourselves that markets do have these fits occasionally.  The important thing is for investors to refocus on their long-term plan and not fixate on the daily noise.  Did the true value of Apple really change 10% from last night to this morning?  Of course not, but in our modern world of high frequency trading and algorithmic trading, moves of that magnitude can take place quickly.  Investors have two incredibly valuable tools to deal with intense volatility.  Number one is to know what you own, and not confuse price with value.  If you have a high confidence that the underlying business is worth 50% more in 4 years, the price move today matters nil.  The second is to recognize that volatility explosions almost always lead to amazing upside opportunities.  It is hard to step into the breach when the market is seemingly in freefall, but as an entry point, these moments present some of the best opportunities.

by developer June 18, 2020

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