Fixed-income Investing

Fixed-income Investing Boise, Idaho

We invest in fixed income securities primarily to reduce volatility and to increase income margins for our clients. Due to the historically low correlation between fixed income and equity returns, income securities typically add a degree of stability to a portfolio. We focus on investment-grade corporate debt, preferred securities, U.S. agencies, U.S. treasuries, and municipal bonds when appropriate.

An Assured Investment Approach

We apply a top-down investment approach when looking at fixed-income securities.  Selway undertakes a disciplined examination of macroeconomic policy and economic statistics in order to determine our interest rate and yield curve expectations. We examine the relative value across security types and industry sectors. We then use our expectations to make security, duration, and sector decisions. Lastly, we focus on individual issues by examining liquidity, credit quality, yields, and yield-spreads. Investments are diversified across multiple sectors to reduce the risk of business cyclicality.

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