Financial Planning

Financial Planning Boise, Idaho

When individuals have worked their entire lives to accrue assets, it is important to make the best decisions possible to preserve and manage those assets. Whether it’s security for the rest of their lives or for building a family trust, clients come to us for the most informed and trusted financial advice. At Selway Asset Management, we take a personalized approach for each individual that works with us. Our strategy is to focus on their specific needs and goals.  In doing so, we can strive to help each client achieve financial security. As the first RIA in Idaho, we are the pioneers in financial management and have set the precedent for the industry. When it comes to planning your financial future, we have the experience that has stood the test of time.

Our Process

As seasoned financial managers, we use a process that has served us well over the years. At Selway Asset Management, we use fundamental research to target profitable companies with good growth prospects.  We try to avoid momentum and story stocks that trade on nothing but hope and hype. We are not interested in the fast return but rather consistent returns that materialize over time. We are confident in this process as it has been our philosophy for decades.

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